D800 vs Medium Format Video

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Not very likely

TCSJordan wrote:

plasnu wrote:

I would choose Hassey over D800 because of the color, if they are the same price, no question about it. I don't care about the high ISO.

Is this due to CCD / CMOS thing?

It comes from a variety of factors, but I think the major one (which Chris mentioned) is the 16 bit RAW capture on the Hasselblad.

Unless you're doing all sorts of major postprocessing manipulation, those two extra bits are virtually useless. It's hard to imagine how any of the likely PP tweaking on those particular images could've uitlized the extra bit depth from the Hasselblad. The only possible relevance was in the highlight tests.

Secondly, you were looking at the images on a 8-bit or 10-bit monitor. That means that in both cases the images were "throwing away" useless low-level bits. Whatever differences you were seeing on the monitor couldn't have been attributable to those two virtually meaningless (i.e. pure noise) bits.

My guess is a better raw processor (and/or corrected profiling in Lightroom) would eliminate the perceived skintone advantage of the Hasselblad. Considering the better color and tonal sensitivity of the D800 (at least according to DXO), there's absolutely no reason to assume the Hassy has an inherent advantage here.

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