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I agree with all that, nfpotter. I find the 50mm feels a bit too long indoors. But the 35 is too short for portraits at times and it has poor bokeh

85mm is a great lens but far too long indoors

nfpotter wrote:

johnem wrote:

I followed this, as I'm thinking of buying a macro lens, and thinking of the Tamron 90 due to cost and ability to double up as a portrait lens. (Maybe 90 is too much on a D90 for the latter?)

I have the 50 referred too. It's true, it's a lovely lens for portraits, but I often wonder if I would have been better with 35 as inside it's rather a narrow field of view.

If you really want a macro lens at this stage NPhoto, this May has reviewed a group of them and the Tamron is well rated. (I'm dithering about it too ..... I might ask about it here, hoping I won't get a pasting for asking the question!)

Enjoy taking the pictures with the lenses you fancy!

Pretty much any macro lens will work well for portraits, particularly in the 90-105mm range. I have the Sigma 105mm, and it's great for a variety of things.

The 35 is great for indoors where a 50 is too narrow, but it's not considered to be a great "portrait" lens. It has fairly horrible bokeh, and 35 is a bit wide for portraits. It's a great, cheap lens to have in your bag for low light, though.

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