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Re: Large format question

1. you are posting in the beginners forum, what is your experience-level concerning digital photography?

2. You keep stating that you want better picture quality, but better than what, and in what way better? How do you determine quality? If you can't objectify that, you are not ready for choosing a certain brand or type of camera.

3. have you tought of the fact that quality is dependend on the way of presentation of your pictures? What is your desired output medium? and what are you expecting of it?

I meant better rendering, resolutions, natural and perspective .. Look perfect. I never use digital photography before except canon video camera. Most things I want to shoot at the moment are nature landscapes buildings and print them on paper. I plan (if things go well) open commercial photography business in future.

My photography knowledge is 35mm and basic, also i never had experience how to make tilt and shift or things that make the picture look perfect. So high quality picture is not only my concern, and i like to shoot perfectly.

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