K5 - Help with DR and exposure settings

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Re: K5 - Help with DR and exposure settings

I don't think that's correct. The effect on signal to noise ratio in shadows wouldn't be as drastic as it would if you were to underexpose a shot and bring out the shadows; the correction is completed before the sensor encodes the information in the RAW file, and after the correction is made it can be stored in RAW, hence the loss of shadow detail with HC is minimal compared to post processing adjustments. The signal itself is adjusted, not the file. I suppose this gets really technical, but I've heard explanations of the DR adjustment functions and that seems to be the general idea.

I'd be inclined to think that one would be better off letting their camera use both of them all the time; low contrast can be fixed, but high contrast or blown highlights definitely cannot.

It does pique my curiosity, however, how well the shadow correction function turned up to its maximum works in conjunction with highlight correction. Shadow correction I don't think works by overexposing and then bringing down the highlights; I believe that it just targets the shadows and lifts them before the RAW file is coded, but I'm not sure.

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