Best Buy D800 pre-order experience

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Re: Best Buy D800 pre-order experience

CASchack wrote:

I had pre-ordered a D800 body at Best Buy on 2/8, thinking that B&H would be swamped with pre-orders. I was a bit peeved when BB received and stocked D800 bodies at their stores on 3/22 while I and others were stuck waiting for our pre-orders to come through.

On a whim, I called BB to find out what was happening with my pre-order. The rep mysteriously found 1 body in stock at a nearby BB store. My first thought was that this was a return, but I okayed shifting my pre-order to a store pickup.

I picked up the body and walked out. I checked the box, and everything seemed to be there unopened. However, it was a low serial number example (30004xx).... the red flags went up further that this was a customer return. Upon arriving home, I opened the battery and charged it. It only took 1/2 hour to fully charge.

I installed a newly formatted SD card and turned it on...hmm, date and time have already been set. I fired the first shot. I downloaded the image and checked the EXIF data--my first shot was shutter actuation 475.

Confirmation that this was an open box return. I called Best Buy, who gave me the option of returning it or being given a 15% credit on the purchase. I thought for a moment, then took the credit. So, if everything works and there are no issues, I can live with a lightly used D800 for $2550. If something is amiss, I think I can live with shipping it back to Nikon for a warranty repair. I will have saved a significant amount of money and most likely would have the camera back before I'd be able to purchase a brand new body elsewhere.

I thought I'd share my experience, just in case anyone like-minded wants to scour Best Buy for returned bodies and a relative bargain. I really don't care about the actuations, as I shoot hundreds of frames per workday.

Sounds like you got a pretty good deal .

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