B&H Lets Greta Van Susteran Jump the D800 line

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Re: B&H Lets Greta Van Susteran Jump the D800 line

PatFahey wrote:

ahmetu wrote:

By the way, we didn't create the pre-order system that is first come first served based. Retailers such as B&H did. Not abiding with the rules of your own system is inexcusable.

Whomever underestimates the power of the masses in favor of a celebrity is mistaken. Communities such as this one has collective memories that very well lives through forums like this. The same community (or masses) is what brings B&H long term sustainable business. Better not pi.. them off.

I'm sorry but statements like these just ignore the obvious. Have you ever been to an airport and watched the best customers allowed on the plane first, or to a fancy restaurant where the politicians and those that bribe them always get the best table?

I believe that within practical limits camera retailers follow a first in - first out system. But there always have been and always will be exceptions. Our choice is to understand that it is what it is, and to live with it, or drive ourselves nuts bitching about it.

You can justify it any way you choose. But phrases like "within practical limits", or common business practice do not make such moves right. I've been a loyal B&H customer for nearly 20 years. But when you pay the full amount for the D800 as soon as it is available, and then a month later read about someone ordering April 4!!! and getting their order filled immediately, it's like a wake-up call.

When everyone on this forum was bashing B&H, I was quick to defend them. Those days are over. It's obvious that I am totally and completely insignificant to B&H. At least I've gotten some clarity from this post, and I'm under no further illusions that years of being a faithful customer somehow count for something.

I cannot wait until they open tomorrow AM so I can cancel my order. Enough is enough.

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