D800 vs 5D3: dxomark and other real world considerations, my thoughts

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Re: You should see this simple test

In terms of sensor pformance, Nikon has delivered a real monster, and that's really exciting. To me it seems clear that it's the DSLR with the potnetial to deliver the very best FF image quality possible at the moment, and I doubt seeing big improvements in sensor quality for a long time.

But at the same time I can't help feeling that the D800 has some pretty rough edges, which will make it harder to get that maximum image quality, and less enjoyable than I would have hoped.

The AF issue is not clear yet to me if this is an isolated or a common issue. The live view issue is very disappointing, the green tint in the LCD is annoying, and I still can't help being upset that the shooting and customs banks are so poorly implemented that I find them useless. I have the feeling our friends shooting CANON benefit in some sense from the lack of sensor improvements, because it forced CANON to really pay attention to the other qualities of the camera, and it seems very well rounded.

I can't see the light leak being a big issue, and to me it seems canon is dealing with it more openly and professionally than Nikon.

I am actually a little disappointed, I have been waiting for the perfect FF camera, and the D800 seemed to deliver, but now it seems as if Nikon still needs a generation to focus on fixing the open issues...

I have a D800 on pre-order but am wondering if a D700 would not be a wiser choice...

It's a little frustrating. Nikon could help with a more open communication about the issues being discussed here.


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