Nex7 and GPS

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Re: Nex7 and GPS

John Bean (UK) wrote:

missingendpoint wrote:

Having purchased the item shown based on your recommendation, I find it not only does not come with software to download track points to a computer -- but the usb connection doesn't even seem capable of data transfer -- only battery charging.

I don't know that unit but I doubt it can't transfer data. If you're on Windows I can probably point you in the right direction.

It would take a lot more than one mouseclick to make use of this to tag photos.

Knallberto does tend to exaggerate the ease of use of his less expensive options, but it shouldn't need that many more clicks - maybe half a dozen or so once set up with the appropriate (free) software

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John Bean [BST (GMT+1)]

A six month old windows i7 box doesn't even detect the device when it is connected [nor have any of my older boxes]. It really appears the only function of the usb connection is for charging.

I have a 747A+ bluetooth/recorder which works fine with the LR4 tag function, but it doesn't have a key chain loop, and I thought it would be nice to have the time display to verify sync with the camera clock.

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