Canon DXO 5D III sucky babies forum?

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Re: Canon DXO 5D III sucky babies forum?

Without trolling ... I am a Nikon owner with a D800 .... (and happy.)

Would I be happy with a 5D Mk III if I was a Canon owner ... yes.


Because it offers some substantial improvements in many areas, and in competent hands will deliver outstanding results. It is also better suited to some types of photography (sports, low-light/high ISO event type work) than my D800. (I shoot almost always at or near base-iso. Video is very much an afterthought for me, and I seldom if ever will need a high frame rate. Hence, the D800 fits my type of photography.)

Will Canon catchup on the sensor performance? Yes, and that is why I love competition between Nikon and Canon. We all win as innovation through vying for competitive advantage brings better cameras at better prices our way.

And so, don't let the numbers get in the way, but go out and with the tool best suited to your type of photography, obtain the most powerful images you can.

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