Upgrading to E-M5 or Switch to Nikon D7000

Started Apr 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Upgrading to E-M5 or Switch to Nikon D7000

aspire wrote:


Any advise of upgrading from E system to E-M5 or D7000. Currently I have E510 with lens 12-42,50mm,300mm,18-180mm.

Base on E-M5 using mico 4/3 , I will need to attached all 4/3 lens with MMF3 to continue using it or switch of D7000 and keep E510 & lens as spare.

Any folks can advise 4/3 lens with MMF3 adapter will only able to using manual focusing instead of AF.

Have a look at the OMD before you make up your mind. Quite a few people are having problems with the D7000 and you also must remember that the D7000 is getting old and is probably replaced this year. Besides, if you switch brand you have to buy new everything, lenses as well, which makes it a bit expensive.

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