why MAC?

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Re: why MAC?

This argument PC/Mac is very interesting - plenty of material for Phd in psychology. I have and use both. Had one MAC and 3 PCs. Slowly replacing PCs with MACs. One more to go. Why? It is the same as with cars. After all, cheep cars have the same number of wheels, steering and good brakes, fast engines (fast enough to kill yourself), ……….etc. Why people are "stupid" and want/buy better cars? Are they just fanboys of better cars? No, it is a subtle differences between cheep car and good car what makes the difference. No one pics on anyone because he/she prefers cheep car. Way? One could go on with many of such examples. To me it is clever marketing in PC/MAC market. Is it not your choice for what ever reason to make you own judgement as to your preference for car, computer, or pair of jeans? Way bother with stupid arguments?

As with any "argument" some of you will see the point and some newer will, but it is not their fault I suppose.

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