why MAC?

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Re: Because they are better.

webfrasse wrote:

So when HP decided to cut the PC division all together it was because...?

According to Apple-bashing, Apple-customer-bashing types, Apple products are worthless and under-featured and over-priced, and Apple users are all elitist, style-obsessed idiots who are too dumb to use "real" computers. PCs and Android will soon wipe Macs and iOS off the face of the Earth.

And yet it was IBM (the creator of the Intel PC) who left the marketplace – and HP (the top vendor among the remaining Wintel PC vendors, at least in terms of units) who very seriously considered leaving it, for the same reason. Namely that the PC business is not profitable enough.

By the way, I think that projections are that Apple will overtake HP this year in terms of the number of units sold, though that may be for the combined total of desktops, plus laptops, plus tablets.

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