Tablets for RAW, enthusiast or pro use?

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Re: Tablets for RAW, enthusiast or pro use?

Photos go onto my ancient iPad 2 at 4912 x 3264 resolution, no 2mb limit.
They get there one of 3 ways

  • Camera connection kit - reads SD cards

  • Unless you don't want to spoil the svelte looks of your #1 market leader tablet, which has about 7x the number of Apps as the nearest OS (Android, and I am purposely NOT counting themes, ringtones and wallpapers, but I digress), in which case I use an EyeFi card to transfers photos wirelessly

  • For times when I need a faster card in the camera, I then just pop it into my Maxell AirStash Wi-Fi SD Memory Card Reader. With the correct Apps the iPad can also write to this card.

With Apps like PhotoGene, PhotoForge2, or even iPhoto for iPad, one can do very good work, such as color correction. Some Apps (iPhoto) read the RAW files; there are no RAW file readers available for Androidmthar read NEX files.

With a stylus you can do fine quality retouching.

Other Apps offer whimsical things, like making a quadtych, for using in a postcard creation App.

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