why MAC?

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Re: Because they are better.

webfrasse wrote:

Richard wrote:

DogShot wrote:

Market share for what? How many computers does Apple sell in the $200-$900 range? One - the Mini.

Apple's share of the market for computers > $1000 is 90%.


How many consumer PCs does HP sell that are over 1000 dollars.? Not many.

Look under high performance. The DV7t is 959 dollars for a computer that is similar to the mac 17" and 2499. (to upgrade the HP to the same specs it would cost 1400 dollars)

So for sure mac outsells in the over 1k dollars because they are over 1000 dollars and over priced for what you get.

Would HP, Dell and other want to be in that segment? Hell yeah!

Sure, they want to make a profit like everyone else, but they are also interested in the computer industry and making sure everyone can have a computer. Apples interest is strickly money and how they can squeeze every penny and of people who buy

Just as Volvo, BMW, Mercedes and similar don't cater to the Kia and Hyundai markets.

So you are talking status. That is what I have been saying, you are not about the tool or what it does or how well you can use it, you are about the status and looking down on others when they choose to spend money on a new lens instead of an overprices mac.

I have heard the car analogy before. But the engine/processor, is exactly the same, so is the drive/HD, the interface/display. They do the same speed, weigh similarly, perform the same. Both have aluminum chassis, they are more similar that dissimilar, and the mac is not a Mercedes, but you want to pay near double the price. Thats fine you pay more for an equal tool. Nikon and Canon have different operating systems and interface. One is not clearly superior, same with windows and OSX. But you are about status, I really have no argument about that. But I would argue that people who use a computer as a tool, think you are the tool for being concerned about status.

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