New Camera a57 or d5100?

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Re: New Camera a57 or d5100?

Appreciate your feedback, i did hear incadescent + fluorescent lighting gives sony some problems. I actually am doing backup camera work in two weeks at a night event with a new a57 that im still waiting for, curious to see what kind of results i get.

Alphoid wrote:

Just to be clear, Sony white balance isn't pretty bad in the absolute -- just pretty bad relative to the photos I've seen from Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic cameras of the same generation (I've compared my a700 and my a55 to similar competitors -- I haven't used my a77 in any positions where I could compare side-by-side). The major place I've seen this is in portraits taken in poor lighting -- primarily at family occasions -- which aren't something I would post on-line without the subject's permission. If you'd like to see this, take your Sony and your friend's Nikon, and shoot a few photos indoors, in poor incandescent and fluorescent lighting, and compare. I prefer Canon and Nikon white balance in better light as well, but the difference isn't as stark, and a lot of that is personal preference.

Again, for me the solution is to either shoot RAW (a conversion -- even letting my converter pick its own white balance -- is both fast and eliminates the problem), or if I really want the JPEGs, to use a gray card.

Side note: I looked at a few reviews, at least some of which disagreed with me, so there isn't necessarily a consensus.

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