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Re: OK that is great BUT.

webfrasse wrote:

Richard wrote:

No other Vendor of phones outsells Apple. Android or not. There are more Android devices activated than Apple dito, yes. Are they all the same and all Android software runs on all of them. No.

So why do you care again, your logic says numbers means nothing, it is features which android phone makers have make their phones better.

Are Android phones profitable? Not even close to iOS devices. Where does Google get more revenue from, Android or iOS. You guessed it, iOS.

Maybe not as much to motorola or samsung but to Verizon or Att, Apple soaks them and they make very little because of the long term contracts needed to get even a tiny return. If this continues and Verizon or ATT do not make enough money, the will drop them.

Apple have to date paid our more then 4 Billion Dollars to Developers sellind software through it's App channels. I think Developers like that.

Even so, Android sells more phones.

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