why MAC?

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Re: Because they are better.

Richard wrote:

Edvinas wrote:

Mark Smith wrote:

Richard what's the daft obsession with Blu-ray? Is it you're just think its a big selling point to have one built in rather than pay £40 for an external?

It's very simple: it's his only ace - feature which present in PC world and absent in Mac world

Does mac run all the software PC does? No, but they you will say to me, oh but it runs Windows... that is because Apple knows their OS needs to because it is found lacking. PCs don't need to run OSX because the is no software the PC lacs.

Apple doesn't have anything to do with Virtualization software vendors and their products. Nada, zilch. Nor does it have anything to do with the Wine project which also lets you windows software on Linux and OS X.

VMware, Parallels, Oracle are just software vendors that builds software for the Intel platform and and the major OS's that runs on it.

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