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To: Nhelnhel, Brentliris & Rod Herdman

Thanks very much for your comments. Much appreciated.

Dale108 wrote:

Hi Stomie:

Nice shooting; I really like the B&W effect here. I will be in Paris in a few days so hope to see similar sites.

Thanks Dale. A great time of the year to be there. Hope you have a great time.

CP140 wrote:

Very nice. I hope I can do as well when I visit Paris next month.

Thanks CP, seems like 2012 will be a Pentax DPR year for Paris Enjoy.

Jay Martin wrote:

Cutting the feet off the people in #3 and the last one is a bit off putting to me but other than that, good job.

Thanks Roy, appreciate your input. Despite having composed & cropped intentionally, I didn't do so to specifically put you off I do have definite reasons for my compositional decisions so maybe revisit the pics & visualize what they would look like with more empty space where you suggest. You will find that the images will lose much of their impact & tension. I suggest you question universally applying such rules as they will definitely inhibit your conceptual growth

You should give lens and shooting info for fun, just me.

I usually do but was in a hurry this time.

Thanks all for looking.

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