Early efforts with the SX40

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Re: Early efforts with the SX40 - Fledge Watch

Thanks again to Steen, Adam, Phil, Greg, Ken53, and all who commented.

We are now officially in fledge watch mode here, with 5 frisky 16 day old baby Bluebird nestlings exercising their wings and climbing up into the hole to peek out at the wide wild world which awaits them.

Here are two of our most recent shots of their parents, Missy and Ben:

We are of course filled with anticipation once again, just as with each of Missy's 14 prior nestings, and will be doing our best to capture our newest blue babies' first flights, in both stills and video over the next 48hrs or so. We hope to be back soon, to share some highlights from the great event with you all.

Wish them luck,

Kenn & Temple
Kenn & Temple - Backyard Birders in St.Louis, MO USA

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