24 MP camera need good lenses

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Re: 24 MP camera need good lenses

Sounds like you're shopping for an excellent UWA and mid zoom so why get an amateur 55-300? Get a 70-200. I started with a 70-300 but within a month got a Sigma 70-200. It's just a different game. I know it's $400 vs $1,300 but it's well worth it.

hatchback wrote:

A few more choices.

Sigma 17-50

Tamron looks like a better choice (comparable IQ and cheaper)

$20 cheaper. There is also a $50MIR. I would get the better lens. $70 is not enough to sway me even it's there is a small difference. You will be using that lens a lot and over time I'd rather have better pictures.

Sigma 8-16

I don't like fish-eye lens.

Tokina 11-16 doesn't have an internal AF motor while Sigma 8-16 does.

I know. Thanks for recommendations. Considering UWZ I was thinking about:

Sigma 10-20
Sigma 12-24
Tokina 11-16
Tokina 12-24

People recommends Tokina as better. However I have few months to this purchase, so I have time to read test, people opinions... Firstly I want to buy 17-50/2.8 and 55-300 VR.

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