Are there any Leica M lenses that don't mount on NEX-7

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Re: Are there any Leica M lenses that don't mount on NEX-7

GeorgeD200 wrote:

I'm thinking about buying an NEX-7 as a digital body to use my Leica M and screwmount lenses on. I can't afford an M9 or M8.2. M8 cost more used than the NEX-7, and give inferior IQ, so they're out, too. I want APS-c and EVF. For the cost of NEX-5n and the EVF, I might as well buy the NEX-7. I also like the controls and lines better. Call me silly, but the lens mount circle that exceeds the body rectangle of the NEX-5, etc. I find terribly ugly.

My lenses:
Voigtlander 21mm f4 Color-Skopar (Cosina-made)
Leitz Summicron 35mm f2 M-mount
Leitz Summicron 5cm f2 M-mount collapsible
Tokyo Kogaku Simlar 5cm f1.5 m39 screwmount
Leitz Summicron 9cm f2 M-mount
Nikon 105mm f2.5 m39 screwmount

I'll probably also buy a Nikon adapter for my Nikon 50mm f1.2 AIS. I might get other Cosina-Voigtlander lenses, like the 15mm, but I'll probably never buy a Leitz or Zeiss super-wide. I'll shoot mostly in B&W, so I doubt I'll see any of the color shifts that others have reported.

Anything I should know about before I take the plunge? I'm not really interested in any other Sony glass right now, I just want a back for my legacy lenses. I know this has been covered other times, but it's hard to sift through all of the NEX posts to find relevant threads.

All your lenses will work, but you may want to consider the Nex-5N.
E.g., the CV21 can be used on the Nex-5N without post-processing.
The CV21 on the Nex-7 requires post, CornerFix, etc.

The wider angle RF lenses are showing color (magenta) case on the Nex-7, and the edges turn fuzzy. Edge softness is related to field curvature and subject distance, but it is more pronounced on the RF lenses than on e.g. the Sigma lenses. (You can see the edges being soft in all three images below).

See these images:

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