It's that 'Marmite' camera moment.....(X Pro 1)

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It's that 'Marmite' camera moment.....(X Pro 1)

I brought one last Saturday (X Pro 1) with the 35mm lens. Thoughts so far......

It is not like my LX5 - so much better
Or my GF1 or GX1 - now it gets interesting
Or my Nikon d200 or d300s - so different

So, first week tells me that it is not as fast as an SLR - but I knew that when I brought it - so no surprise there

I was astounded by the Jpeg image quality - made me rethink my Raw processing workflow - also by the low light quality with high ISO

Read with amusement all the problems this camera apparently has and wondered why on earth most of the people who complain actually brought it in the first place.

So, what do I think. Well, it works extremely well as a 'thinking' camera, and by that I mean that it slows you down and makes you think - which I think is no bad thing. The image quality is astounding.

Is it as good as my SLR's - No and Yes - it all depends on what you want

It is far better in image quality and taking me back to the basics of photography has made me re-think how I shoot.

Does it replace my Nikons? - the answer is no, it complements them. I will use the Nikons for fast moving subjects (sports etc) the Fuji for more static subjects (basically anything other than sports)

Bottom line is that for me it offers a stunning image quality in a well made light weight package that slows me down and makes me think. Modern dSLR's are designed to take the skill and thinking away from photographers. Basic knowledge and technique is being lost to reliance on technology and a camera like this makes you stop and think.

So in my view, most of the people who are complaining about this camera have brought the wrong camera and only they can answer to themselves on that. A camera has features and ways of working that are known before we pay for them - if we splash our cash online then we get what we pay for - personally I brought mine from a camera shop - where I could touch, feel and gauge it first

Long winded way of saying - you get what you pay for - and this seems to be a 'love it' or 'hate it' camera - and if you are British then Marmite sums it up - and I love Marmite!

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