Steve Huff OM-D First Look Video

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Michael Kaufman
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Just plain silly.

peevee1 wrote:

I should say it does not sound like a hum much, more like a sound of a fan moving some air.

And it suddenly makes sense. They probably took a regular (probably Panasonic's) 16 Mpixel sensor, added some active cooling to it - and voila, the sensor produces much less noise, the IQ is up, they can enable much higher ISO...

This makes no sense at all. If the fan is on the inside of the camera in a sealed space, there needs to be an exit for the air. Otherwise its just moving around the air in the camera (which will actually make the camera hotter, not cooler). Don't you think if there was air being drawn into the camera and exiting again, someone would have noticed it by now? On top of that, even if no one had noticed it don't you think the holes to feed the air into the camera to the ever-moving fan would interfere with the weather-sealing of the camera?

On top of that, a sensor is not like a micro-proccessor. You cool a microprocessor so that it can perform more computations/operations per second. A sensor is a totally different kind of machine. Its not a processor its a light gathering machine. Making it cooler might help on long exposures if it started overheating, but I am not sure why you think it would make it a better light gathering device.

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