D3200 vs D90

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Re: D3200 vs D90

Wel at least one is smart on this forum,an do not fall in the trap of newer is better.
I have my doubts .

My old D70 take excellent pictures just like my old D90
I see no point except for video to upgrade to another costly body.
Just to have more pixels,and may be better noise reduction.

just larger size of files,and can tell me one person who will print pictures 1 1 meter.
1 % or less.
Ask yourself do you need an extra body,for the work you shoot.
Ask yourself will you really print Thad large.
everything else is for more then 90% of the people not needed.
Would you not benefit more from an good lens.
And an body upgrade,well you can do Thad later,
why the Russ to get this new camera.after one year there will be another one.
I simple do not see one good reason.
But tads just me

jk4747 wrote:


I know there are numerous numerous D90 vs. other cameras threads. I've read many of them, and finally decided to order a D90 last week. This is an upgrade for me from point-and-shoot, and my intention with the camera is to be able to do the things I currently can't, use mostly in full manual mode, raw, so I can process the image myself on my computer.

I would say I mainly shoot in nature - ranging from close-up macro shots to landscape. Since I'm new to this level of camera, some of the more technical terms elude me as to what they mean in actual practice for my photographic experience.

I chose the D90 because it sounded solid and would give me room to grow, without overwhelming me to impossibility with bells and whistles I won't use (D7000). I believe in buying once, rather than starting small and outgrowing, with a purchase this size.

All this said, the D3200 has me intrigued. Not the pixel count, but the price point. I'm curious what I would be missing out on if I cancelled my D90 order (it's on backorder), and bought this instead. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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