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Re: DXO art not science

You are too sweet, defending Canon as if it were an Apple product. It requires no curves, you just have to go out with a 5dmk3 and D7000 and see differences among the noise in the lowest levels.
Two different sensors with two different readouts and noise

and remember this is a d7000, the d800 has 2.26 times the surface size and sensel is improved since d7000.
Click on the pictures 2 times to see the picture in a bigger size

d7000 to the left , 5dmk3 to the right

mvmv wrote:

DXO claims to have scientific system to measure. Nobody can verify their results. Closest to verify is TechRadar who uses also DXO system. Their results are totally different. It looks DXO has little to do with science. Seems to be more art than science.

Also DXO results:


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