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No problem jessey. Some people's tone on the internet is pretty disgraceful. We don't talk to each other in real life that way. Or at least those of us who have social skills do not.

Anyway, about lens self cleaning - I've never heard of anything about this. Keep in mind, the kit lens will be exactly the same between the two. And generally the only way to clean a lens is by hand (get a LensPen!) If you maybe mean 'sensor' self-cleaning - both camera's have this (all Nikons maybe even?). If you search this page for 'cleaning' you'll read more on it for the D5100.

Overall, I would really consider the D5100. If you aren't in a hurry, you could wait for the successor to that to be announced (D5200?). The new D3200 is an improvement but still doesn't have tilt/swivel LCD or exposure bracketing. And its 24mp sensor is of unknown quality. The D5100 sensor is pretty close to the best in the APS-C camera business - proven.

jesseyinpink wrote:

@jeremynsl- One thing I was told about the D3100 that is a big advantage is that the lens will self clean. I do not see this option listed on the 5100. Would this be something that would be worth giving up over the other options the 5100 has? I have a lot to learn! And thanks for commenting back to whats-his-name's jerk response. I guess he CAN'T be HELPFUL for a beginner like me :0)

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