Who says Nikon D5100 is not for weddings

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Re: Nice work, Hector

Hello eNo. It is not the first wedding I have shot. It is the first one in a bit more than a year. I had done it before. Weddings and quinceañeras but only a few just as favors or to supplement a bit my income. Before I was using an Olympus E-500, a terrible camera in low light but really great in low ISO. My camera broke down so I stopped the few events I was doing per year. When I offer my niece her wedding pictures I really had no intention of shooting them my self. I ended up doing it because I was laid off from my regular job. I figured with what the photographers charge here in town I could buy new equipment, shoot the wedding and start shooting events. I must confess I found my self a bit rusty and overwhelmed a bit after not having done it for a while. In photography if one does not have a natural photographic eye........Then it is practice, practice, practice and practice all the time and when one thinks one knows everything that's when all the mistakes are made. I need more practice!

Hector Rojas (DeTeocal)

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