just bought an NX200

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Re: just bought an NX200

shademaster wrote:

OK. Samsung convinced me they're serious. I will not defect to μ4/3. I just ordered my NX200. ($600 at Fry's... will ship... shhh ).

Why do I want to upgrade from NX100? Better low-light. Like the small flash. Better MF-assist (want to experiment with legacy glass... somebody in my hood has a few Rokkor 55mm 1.7's for 20 bucks). Don't care about RAW processing time issues. Don't want to pay for NX210, and don't want to wait for NX1000 (B&H says "mid June").

Still hoping they release a small, light, reasonably priced portrait lens soon. But happy enough with my 30mm to jump in. Figure the extra mega-pixels will let me crop a bit more with the 30.

Congrats, it's really good camera, I always think to myself "...for a compact this thing really well built" every time I use one, just like the NX10. hopefully the build quality will become samsungs hallmark, this is what really marks it out as a professional option IMO, the shear fact that they seem indestructible.

Good choice of lens for it too.

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