RAW; DCRAW for Canon SX220HS; Linux Expert Needed

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Re: RAW; DCRAW for Canon SX220HS; Linux Expert Needed

David G O Smith wrote:

What I understand you to be saying is that CHDK already knows how to output hacked RAW files in DNG format: in other words, the peculiarities of the particular camera can be dealt with by CHDK.

Yes. It is a setting in the menu system. It is highly unlikely that the native raw format will be useful if it is from a camera that wasn't intended to export raw files. Instead, you want to setup CHDK to convert to DNG and save with a .DNG extension. You will have to take out the memory card and retrieve the files manually into a computer that you plug the memory card into.

On my desktop I have a USB card reader. On my laptop there is a built-in card reader. Save the DNGS and then import them into RawTherapee or the application of your choice that understands DNG. I very much like the current development versions of RawTherapee and every few days I use a linux script to download the latest updated source files and compile them into a working application. It has been a while since RT has crashed for me. It has never crashed the operating system for me.

I have never tried to get CHDK to output its RAW files in DNG format. I shall look into this and certainly, if I succeed, then I imagine that no further work needs to be done.

Your explanation and suggestions are very much appreciated. They seem to solve a general CHDK problem.

There is a CHDK manual. It is pretty useful. I confess I don't use many of the cute CHDK functions. My main use is to get raw files in DNG format. The computer I have is a lot more powerful than Canon's built-in processor and careful choice of parameters gives me better results in the final image.


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