At last the brick and mortar pulls through

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Re: At last the brick and mortar pulls through

pyzon wrote:

Just got a call from a brick/mortar camera store that my D800 arrived today and I'm going to pick it up tomorrow. I also have an online order so will probably cancel that but not until i have the D800 in hand..

Just added myself to the pre-order list at the store no more than 2 weeks ago as i was getting fed up waiting (i was 14th or 15th), and my other order was 5mins after on-line pre-orders were available...

Thanks F*ck the wait is my RRS L-plate yesterday and QR clamp for the Manfrotto head, and today arrived my ColorMunki!! play time

Guess they have come in with a bigger batch delivery this time...

Considering how you were touting the awesome lifetime phone service of B&H fairly recently , I am surprised that you did not want to wait for them to fulfill your pre-order...

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