Regret selling 17-40?

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24 - 105 is............

The 24 - 105 lens is the perfect travel lens. I don't have this particular lens but I do have the 28 - 135mm which is my go to travel lens. When travelling, I don't want heavy so I bring my 18 - 35 zoom, my 50 f1.8 (even though I own the Sigma 50 f1.4) for low light conditions and my trusty 28 - 135mm; I leave everything else at home. I also "rail fan" and for railroad photos I use my wide zoom and the 28 - 135mm.

What I do is divide my lens into "serious" shooting and convenient shooting, like travelling, railfaning, mucking about walking the dog and shooting. For me, when travelling, I leave my 5D 2 at home and bring my Xsi (450D) for its smaller footprint and my lighter lenses. In essence, my Xsi is my P&S camera where light and convenience is more important than "the best" IQ, though the Xsi is no slouch in the IQ department.

I also have "serious" flashes and my convenience flash, my Metz 24 - very similar to the Canon 270.

When I'm shooting "seriously" I use a tripod, when not so serious, my monopod.

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