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bwana wrote:

I only recently got an olympus e-pm1. I am trying to figure out how to do long time-lapse sequences and realized I need something like a 'little bramper' that allows me to do bulb ramping. that means a remote that allows me to adjust how long the shutter stays open on-the-fly without touching the camera. unfortunately, olympus says their SDK doesn'tt work with the PEN cameras. is this because the camera doesnt send exposure information out the usb port? I have a hard time believing this because there is a piece of software called olympus studio 2. This is like Nikon's camera control 2 that allows a pc to control the camera through USB. The most recent update includes support for micro 4/3 cameras. But that's where I'm stuck- it doesnt work with the E-PM1.

Is anyone here having any success with this problem?

Olympus has stopped development on Olympus studio2. If you ask nicely they will send you the last release. However, in the case of Pens, it won't help, since none of the Pens have supported the tethered support in the DSLRs. So if you absolutely need this, then it is probably best to sell your gear and buy something else.

However, there are various controllers out there that will when plugged into the combined cable port that will allow you to set how long the bulb mode is on. You would have to set up the camera in manual mode with shutter speed set to bulb, and the ISO and aperture fixed. You would need to look at the description of the controller to see if it gives you the flexibility to vary the time for bulb shooting. The key is the E-PM1 uses the RM-UC1 wired shutter release, so you want to make sure the device supports the RM-UC1.

This app for android phones has HDR support, which I believe will do what you want:

Trigger trap which is supposed to start shipping shortly will also have it:

I've seen several Arduino based shutter releases. In theory it should be easy to do the timing. Here is a site that lists all of the shutter cable variants:

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