can your Pro do this?

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Re: can your Pro do this?

gava wrote:

stevielee wrote:

I believe that ya'll have just been officially punked with the OP and his/her "X1" obvouisly put-on example images.

That was a good one whoever your real name is OP'er. You really got em going here -- probably better than you expected.

Wanna maybe throw us all another one of these complete non-sequitor ringers by perhaps adversarial comparing the German approach to photographic manufactoring method's and conditions to that of the Japanese appproach. You could show alot of ordinary factory worker production shots of Leica Solms hand tooling/ assembly lines - and capture it all with the rebraned Panny, red dot afflicted Digilux 3 in tow....

I did realized that from his follow-up posts. Still had to ascribe his rather desperate for attention thread to straight-up parody -- whether he meant it or not.

To each his, or her own one would hope...

Und für Ihre nächste Trolling Trick?

No, if you look at the OP's posting history you will realise that he was quite serious. He is a camera enthusiast, not a photographer, and is a nice friendly troll - not a mean nasty one who tries to hurt people. He just likes to talk about and compare cameras is all.

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Trying to be nice, even to trolls.

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