X-pro-1 / Fuji where is your Quality Control?

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Re: To Clarify

Again, this is interesting in another thread, but the "QC" as title issue was resolved, by the OP.

And again, if something is designed to be made a certain way, and it is, put it performs poorly, then it's a design issue (or problem, whatever satisfies you). If it's designed a certain way, but is manufactured shoddily or with subpar materials and produced inconsistently to spec, that's QC. There's no way to spin it another way, even by injecting literary references and dystopias. We can go down the rabbit hole of linguistics, but that's it's own (fun) thing.

No one's downgraded anything. Issues is just a generalization. If QC issues come up, then I would be the last to deny their existence (if they exist). If Fuji comes out and says they designed the aperture blades NOT to chatter, and they do b/c of production errors on a grand scale, then sure, QC. You can disagree with me using any rhetorical means you like, but it still doesn't make a design issue become a QC issue. I do enjoy the references though!

rolleiman wrote:

Welcome to the Orwellian nightmare. They've already downgraded all problems to only 'issues'; now all issues of quality control are only those of assuring that crappy designs are assembled with the same level of consistency.

Maybe we need a some new acronyms; nothing is considered to truly exist until it has an acronym. We could have Design Control and Management Control. Something for everybody.

Quality Control assumes that there is quality to control. Sometimes you just get perfectly consistently assembled crap. Which means the QC problem is upstairs, even if you can't say that. Class divisions must be maintained.

I could give examples but if you read the fora they're abundantly found.

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