Nikon FX 1.8G lens pricing

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Re: Nikon FX 1.8G lens pricing

eNo wrote:

Anyone notice how Nikon pricing for its new 1.8G lenses is a bit all over the place?

  • 50 1.8G = $216.95

  • 85 1.8G = $499.95

  • 28 1.8G = $699.95

The good rule of thumb is take the 1.4 nano pricing x 1/3rd and that's reasonably close to 1.8 pricing. The 50 is of course a slight exception because it's not exactly considered to be the same league as 24/35/85 1.4G series.

Against the ancient Canon 28/1.8 non-IS for $510 and the awfully slow new 28/2.8 IS at $800, the Nikon 28/1.8 is definitely priced very fairly.

This new lens definitely completes my FX prime collection :

135/2 DC

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