Help deciding between a couple of sets.....

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Re: Help deciding between a couple of sets.....

Great suggestions and comments Michael. I agree with you that #4 could be improved with a little local sharpening. Thank You!

Michael 2012 wrote:

For me, it's 1 & 4

1 - It's the waterfall and immediate rocks that are the focus of the picture, and I prefer that they are more detailed compared to no.2. In Photo 2, you also have quite a large dark patch running horizontally under the rock (RHS), and to my mind, it detracts from the overall composition. This however could just be my screen, so maybe others could confirm that.

For option 2 (choice between pics 3&4), I went for the 4 as the waves are beautifully captured. However, the wooden groynes ( stilts??) are sharper in 3, could you do a little PP local sharpening in pic 4 for the first (largest) groyne, and bring it up to the standard of pic 3????

Kind Regs,

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