Going Back To Film

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Have you ever heard...

sjgcit wrote:

To answer two replies in one :

  • Yes, film is dying. The number of companies making it is rapidly diminishing. About the only thing keeping film going is instant cameras, IMO and that's going to dry up as more or more people end up with adequate cameras in phone, etc.

  • I'd like it gone, gone because it's a distraction from the direction photographic technology is going. I also see institutions and people force film on people who don't need it now and never will. A while back I had to get a film camera for a high school student doing a photography course ( in school ). These kids are never going to use digital in the real world and they're just teaching them rubbish from the old days. Let it go. I'm an engineering type and we respect the past, but we don't wallow in it.

I'm also totally fed up listening to people who insist that film had some "magic" quality that digital doesn't. This is fantasy based on nostalgia and nothing else.

...someone say ”I love these shots. They look so digital!"?

All things have their time. Film's time is over and has been for a while now. Corpses sometimes twitch after death, but that doesn't mean they're going to get off the morgue table and order a pizza. Film is DOA.

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