Pany GH2 + Oly 12-60mm f/2.8-4 = happiness!

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Joe Braun
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Pany GH2 + Oly 12-60mm f/2.8-4 = happiness!

I've been guilty of whining about how the m43 system is lacking a good high-quality and bright general zoom with corner-to-corner sharpness like the legendary four-thirds 12-60mm. After asking the forum a few months back and hesitating for fear of auto-focusing woes, I finally broke down and bought a used one. AND BOY DO I LOVE THIS LENS! (I'm using it with the Pany DMW-MA1 adapter.)


  • Image quality is simply fantastic. Corner-to-corner sharpness, beautiful creamy bokeh, still sharp when wide open. Amazing. I'm used to primes delivering results like this, but no native m43 zoom can match it.

  • Auto-focus is definitely slow (can take 1-2 seconds to lock) and often hunts. But when it locks, it is accurate. (Definitely too slow for action or live events, but for landscape shooting, this isn't a problem at all--focus is still faster than my smartphone LOL!)

  • Manual focusing is a joy; the focusing ring moves smoothly and precisely and it's very easy to get accurate results.

  • Lens is BIG! It feels good on a GH2, but it might be a bit overwhelming on a PEN or GF/GX model. Since I also shoot Nikon, I'm used to big lenses and don't mind the size and weight.

  • While not quite a macro lens, it can focus very close. Nice!

  • There is a small amount of CA at certain focal lengths, but it is very minor and can easily be removed in post-processing.

This will easily be my go-to lens of choice. But I still hope that one day Olympus will make a native m43 version of this lens. If auto-focus was quick, this lens would be the gold standard, even moreso than the rumored Pany 12-35mm f/2.8 that may be announced later this year.

Hope this info helps anybody considering buying some old 43 glass! -Joe

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