Maybe Canon Benchmarked The Wrong Cameras.

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Re: Maybe Canon Benchmarked The Wrong Cameras.

Skip M wrote:

This may be what happens when you benchmark cameras that are in production, not try to predict what the other guys are going to build in the futrue: (appareil1) 795%7c0 (brand) Canon (appareil2) 371%7c0 (brand2) Sony (appareil3) 441%7c0 (brand3) Nikon

The 5D3 compares very favorably to the Nikon D700 and Sony A900, although it doesn't exceed them by any appreciable margin, Sorta lends credence to the thought that the 5D3 is what the 5D2 should have been...more than 3 years ago...

Canon is doing what it can with what it's got. I speculated some time ago (before the release of this new round of cameras) that Canon was 'process locked' by its two fabrication lines, and the need to use them to capacity to utilise the capital locked up in them. Their big problem is what to do with the older line. It doesn't have fine enough geometry to make the compact and leading edge APS-C sensors, which means that it is bound to be used for FF and entry level APS-C. Which means that the mass market FF camera (the 5D line) was bound to be made on that fab. Given that it cannot make fundamental sensor improvements, Canon has done what it can which is improve the optical toppings to improve QE and wrap around this sensor what is a very solidly specced camera indeed. So Canon's management is doing what any competent management would do, making the best out of a poor situation that previous decisions have caused. Meanwhile, Nikon's management is doing what any competent management would do, which is ruthlessly seek out and attack their competitor's weak points. So, the D800 is as it is because Nikon knew that Canon couldn't do it. The same with the D3200, Nikon has upped the ante to 24MP (deliberate decision - this is a new Nikon sensor, not the existing Sony one) because it knows that it will be very hard for Canon to follow with the 1200D (probably 18MP limit on the old fab line, and if they make it on the new, what do they do with spare capacity on the old).

I suspect that for Canon to get out of this bind, they will need to eventually take the decision to fold the old fab line, and either go fabless or invest in an extra new line (the wrong decision). This is probably not a decision that the camera division could make, it would need to go to corporate management. then they have the problem, that if they wen for their own fab line, it would probably need to be equipped with ASML or Nikon gear to be competitive, which senior management might find hard to swallow.

Canon's sensor design team is still very good at what they do - they are still designing the best pixels in the business, it is the constraints that Canon's policy have put on them that cause the problems.

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