OM-D vs. E-P1 shots

Started Apr 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
blitze Junior Member • Posts: 47
Re: Am I the only one noticing that

Interesting as a E-P1 user myself with same lense.

I much prefer the neutral tones of the E-P1 in those shots but can see the difference in DR that the EM-5 brings to the plate. Still for me the E-P1 is long in the tooth with regards to usability but I am not sure the EM-5 is there for me to warrant a replacement. Maybe when some decent fast zooms come out for M4/3rds that or PDAF on chip for M4/3rds allowing use of the great glass Oly has for 4/3rds.

Till then it is E-P1 and pancakes.

Can only wait for realisation of decent speed zoom glass before updating.

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