Kudos to Nikon for democratizing the Medium-Format Camerascape

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Re: Kudos to Nikon for democratizing the Medium-Format Camerascape

fstop01 wrote:

You have to ask yourself how camera companies can get away with charging 35,000 for a MF digital camera. THe D800 is a game changer and this will pummel the MF industry.


But it requires lot of technique to get the fullest out of a D800E. Heavy tripod, mirror lock up, etc.

The advantage and difference of an even bigger sensor and bigger camera and bigger lenses of MF will always be there: better performance at small apertures (f22), better handheldshake resistance with a bigger sensor and bigger camera, shallower DOF, etc

Never the less, for a lanscape photographer the D800E with a good lens (50/1.4) is the ultimate travel/outdoor package. Relatively cheap and compact to MF.

And never forget, creativity doesnt come along with technological advances.... it is always the collaboration of the brain and the eye that creates a good picture.

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