DX D400 with less than 24mp?

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My view:

Nikon does very clever, wise and therefore very successful releases. I’d think they will come sometimes with something ‘less ideal’ but they keep making brilliant designs. I mean especially D300/s, d90, d7000, d5100, all fx cameras and d3200 looks also at least very smart if not a wise one (but here the smart almost equals the wise). I am still waiting for their mistake, or for continuation of what seems an endless row of brilliant designs. Or better yet, what of the two will materialize next especially as the time is coming for the higher models.

If Nikon uses 24mp sony sensor for the upcoming higher models I will be almost certain that the row of success described (to myself) has ended. It can be successful perhaps in general and a good or even a great model for many but I am unsure it will make for what I saw a brilliant row of product moves. If Nikon comes with 16mp sony sensor that has been even slightly improved – then, the continuation of that row is easier to imagine for me although it may not be that brilliant part of that chain. It would have to be all new Nikon sensor with improved performance (on d7000) to match their significance in exact sense as described in my long term view. That is unlikely. More likely is some (long “awaited”) break in Nikon being so distinctly successful. More likely doesn’t mean that success can’t come and as I said I imagine it more easily in form of sony’s 16mp sensor rather than 24mp one – for me.

Still... little something stuck in my head that keeps pointing to the fact that Nikon always surprised me very positively. I think they will keep lines as they are, d7000 was just renewed, it’s unlikely it will be further transformed into d300/s successor to me. It doesn’t look like d3200 is moving up starting sort of domino effect coming to d5200, d7100 upgrading each line a step up. Nikon doesn’t clear that position at the bottom. 4 cameras group looks still a rock solid base for their dx format to me. So, what sensor will come into them? I am still giving 24mp 60%. 30% to 16mp. And 10%, ok 15 :), I am giving to Nikon as a chance to surprise again based more on that credit from the past than a reality that seems to be materialising.

Sorry for taking it more from a sensor side, I know the body and its performances are also important. But being reasonably happy with d7000 in that regard, it’s about IQ related things for me in the first place. It is quite exciting to be looking at what Nikon will do in this phase. Although it may be improved, that 24mp sensor simply doesn’t look like another of nikon’s brilliant moves to me.

No matter what, I wish for the very best camera upgrade to d300/s owners. There are no other ones that deserve it more. – I am not saying this lightly.



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