Help deciding between a couple of sets.....

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Re: Help deciding between a couple of sets.....

I would choose the second waterfall shot. I think the area of greenery and log in the bottom right of the frame leads eye well into the picture and towards the waterfall. I think this shot is visually balanced and well composed. It gives me sense of being there. I do not think the water fall is dramatic enough to be taken in portrait perspective and be the basis of the image but as part of the scene in landscape perspective it works extremely well. With beach images I prefer the first image. The warmer white balance gives the image a softer and warmer feel and is more natural and inviting. The composition is very nice to with pylons closer to the foreground and the waves lapping around them. It has a sensuality about it. The second image is very nice has a has colder and more futuristic feel. Almost other worldly. So combined with waterfall photo I feel the first beach shot is more appropriate.

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