why MAC?

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Re: Because they are better.

Richard wrote:

And with 2 drive bays you could have an ssd for speed and big spindle drive for slower large 1-2tb storage and large storage on burnable blueray disks. A photographers dream.

Richard what's the daft obsession with Blu-ray? Is it you're just think its a big selling point to have one built in rather than pay £40 for an external?

It's not a particularly good as a disc storage medium, in fact physical disks aren't really an issue for most folks–my next machine won't have one for the rare occasion I need them connecting an additional burner would be fine.

Blu ray isn't magic, its just a plain MPEG2 or H.264/AVC (MPEG 4) codec readable by 100% of Macs natively (they can create BR ISO images and read them). In fact Apple helped to develop Blu ray, possibly they helped develop its compression algorithms as they're the same ones used on OS X (but not Windows)

You seem to miss out that most people use BRD in home cinema type situations, it give no real benefits on something like a laptop where burning 50gb image files would be rare, slow and quixotic experience compared to using external storage.

Blu-ray is just a disk format, one you can burn on a Mac if (and I can't see why you want to be daft enough too) you wanted to make 50GB 'back ups on disc.

It's best use though is a carrier for compressed video in home theatre, which is what it was designed for and its core use.

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