Is there any sane reason... BIG FILE!

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Daniel Clune wrote:

What if you had shot a landscape scene with small trees in background and wanted those trees on a large print to be visable rather than just MUSH.

I'd be obsessional, and I'm not. Would you send back a Rembrandt or a Leonarda and ask for more detail. Image is what matters, not ultradetail.

Or how about your shooting wildlife and you are allready useing a 800mm lens but still need to crop, again more rez could be very handy.

It could be, but sneaking closer which is what wildlife photographers do, is more effective.

Just because 21 meg is enough for you sure doesnt mean it applies to others. You have to come out of that bubble your in and realize others might need other things from there equipment.

I'm resisiting the urge to correct the spelling! We all type incorrectly..

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I looked at your Pbase Gallery.
You didn't need huge megapixels for them now, did you??!!

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