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Re: Because they are better.

webfrasse wrote:

Richard wrote:

You cannot order a laptop with a blue ray burner from the mac store. It is not a supported option.

There are 3rd party drives and there is no need for any support process as long as these peripherals use a supported interface such as USB/FW or TB.

Isn't the whole advantage of the mac laptops is they are suppose to be lighter? Do you want to carry around an external Blue Ray Burner? 3 adaptors for vga, dvi, hdmi?

So not only do you pay near double the price for a 17" laptop, you have to purchase a $175 (from Amazon) external BlueRay burner. The HP 17" laptop has a second drive bay so no need for an external hard drive or cable to connect just install the second hard drive in the laptop and you can configure it with a BR right inside the laptop. Now thats a system, because it is totally self contained. And with 2 drive bays you could have an ssd for speed and big spindle drive for slower large 1-2tb storage and large storage on burnable blueray disks. A photographers dream.

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