low light and handheld video performance

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Re: low light and handheld video performance

well today was a very informative day in camera land. after doing a lot of pixel peeping, i can say that the d7000 is slightly better than the k5 for low light photos. ive been leaning towards the k5 for low light, but considering the d7k slightly edges it and also has amazing video options, i think my money is on the nikon now. and speaking of video, heres what i learned today as well. everything is fully controllable, aperture iso shutter speed, all in video. the d7k even has facial recognition during video, so it can track a face all over the composition, and it has another cool feature. it has a memory box, like u can tell it to remember a certain item and it will follow that around as long as it can see it. by follow i mean keep focus on that face or object by the way. weather sealed, 8000sec shutter speed, all the goodies the k5 offers. and i saw a youtube clip of the nikon taking video at 25k iso lol. yes it was very noisy but the fact u can do that is amazing. now from what ive read of the gh2, it has everything the nikon has but with slightly better quality, for video that is. and it also has a touch screen for focus pointing. so the gh2 is really tops for absolute video quality, but the nikon has some amazing features and takes top notch pics as well. depends on your needs, and the panasonic is also 500 or so cheaper if thats an issue. id really love to have the gh2 but i dont think the wife will let me have 2 new cameras so i gotta go with the d7000. who knows, they may come out with something new by july lol. then im doing this all over again.

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