why MAC?

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I've enjoyed reading your comments because I enjoy a challenge and figuring out what you are trying to say is certainly challenging.

Let me summarise, to see if I'm getting it yet.

Current Macs can connect to any Monitor. The latest ones directly via Thunderbolt, and the older ones via DVI/HDMI/VGA adapter, but it's bad to need an adapter. Whereas PCs can only connect via older standards and can't use the new ones. However this isn't a bad thing because when PCs catch up, you can simply buy a new PC to use them?

FireWire is useless, except for your high end audio card, but you are special and nobody else needs them so everyone else can make do with USB.

A built-in Blueray is essential, even for those who don't own a single Blueray disc and never will? But it's okay for high end audio cards to be an add-on?

You think Mac owners are looking down on you because you own a PC. But are you sure it's only Mac owners, and because you own a PC?

Did I miss anything?


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