Kudos to Nikon for democratizing the Medium-Format Camerascape

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James Van Artsdalen Regular Member • Posts: 319
The D800 is a 35mm body

fstop01 wrote:

Try to make a bigger chip yourself and see how much it costs you ...

this is an infantile thing to say

Not at all. You are claiming without evidence that a bigger sensor is not so expensive. Were you to try it yourself you would see this is not true.

Nikon will probably make ten times as many D800s each month as Leica does over the entire S2 lifespan. Their entire lifetime run of sensor chips might amount to perhaps a couple of dozen wafers. Even a few million dollars in NRE is a big deal with such low quantities.

I fully grasp this, but if Nikon can give you medium-format for $3000 without having a clear idea of demand then it becomes extremely clear how distorted the price-gap really is.

Er, at last report the D800 was a 35mm body. It is not medium format although it has a similar pixel count to some other medium format bodies. Nikon doesn't make any medium format lenses either.

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