5D2 versus 5D3 Low ISO Dynamic Range / High ISO Dynamic Range

Started Apr 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
drwho9437 Senior Member • Posts: 1,992
True but very disapointing

I had expected that with the very small change in resolution the sensor rework would have greatly improved the readout system benefiting both high iso shooting and DR.

It seems some attention was paid to high iso readout noise but not to low iso readout noise.

It may be that given the 8-bit target for most files Canon doesn't see value in higher DR in RAW, however I certainly do as a mostly landscape shooter.

If and when I have the capital that simply means I will switch kits to Nikon. The lack of AA filter is also a boon there. Sadly no does it all ultra wide for Nikon the 14-24 does look good though, if flare prone.

I have no money though so it is a minor point, I had hoped that Canon would have the DR fixed in this sensor so when the IV came out. Oh well. Its pretty clear part of the engineering team sees a positive trade off for this type of readout noise response. I'm not sure what it is off hand but they clearly repeat the same general characteristics.

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